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Nobody likes a crusty golf glove, yet there weren’t any effective products for golfers to extend the quality of their gloves. That is until the Glovelast glove shaper revolutionized the game with its patented pronated thumb design and raised rib feature to fill out the golf glove, promoting the organic drying process.

Designed by golfers for golfers, our glove shaper accessory makes gloves feel and look like new for longer. Not only does Glovelast extend the life of gloves, but the shaper also saves you money from constantly purchasing new gloves.

Curious how it all started? Read our story and learn why the Glovelast glove shaper is a must-have golf accessory

A Crusty Golf Glove Sparks an Idea

In 2013 on a Saturday morning, an avid golfer named Adam had purchased a new golf glove the evening before. When he got to the golf course in the morning and was about to warm up at the

range, he noticed his brand new glove was missing. 

Adam had fastened the glove to the strap on his bag, but it was no longer there. He retraced his steps and looked everywhere, but with his tee time getting closer, Adam settled for an old crusty glove that was stuffed in his bag. The glove lasted barely six holes before ripping. That was when it dawned on Adam that there must be something to keep a glove lasting better for longer. 

Glovelast Glove Shaper to the Rescue

While Glovelast isn’t the first golf glove shaper, we perfected the design.

It was a long journey that took us about 30 prototypes, constantly tweaking the size and pronating the thumb to get it to function like a hand. After we had the perfect shape, we streamlined the fingers and the spacing between the fingers so people could easily use the product. 

Fast forward to 2017, the Glovelast glove shaper went into production right here in the USA, saving golf gloves from stiff and wrinkly fates ever since. Simply insert Glovelast into your golf glove to always have smooth, new-looking gloves on hand. Plus, the handy carabiner clip makes it easy to attach the shaper to your bag for quick access. 

Trusted by PGA TOUR® and NCAA

As an Official Licensed Product of the PGA TOUR® and NCAA, you can be confident that you’re in good company when using our glove shaper. Show your support for your favorite golf tours and collegiate teams while ensuring a great-fitting glove every time. Shop our PGA TOUR® and NCAA collections for officially licensed golf glove shapers!

Say Goodbye to Stiff and Wrinkly Gloves

Golf gloves are crucial for getting a good grip on the club and protecting your hands when playing. Yet they often don’t get the care they deserve, getting crammed into bags with moisture trapped in the fabric. The Glovelast glove shaper is the best accessory to extend your golf glove’s quality by promoting the organic air-drying process. Just insert the shaper and never play with a stiff, wrinkly, or crusty golf glove again!