Why Your Golf Gloves Are Wearing Out and Losing Their Shape Quickly

Why Your Golf Gloves Are Wearing Out and Losing Their Shape Quickly

Having golf gloves that feel and fit great is vital for playing your best game, but if your gloves are wearing out and losing their shape quickly, it can hamper performance and cost you a lot of money to keep replacing them.  

By understanding what causes excess wear, you’ll be able to prevent golf gloves from getting crinkly and stiff so you can grip the club with confidence. 

Benefits of Maintaining Gloves

Before we jump into why golf gloves wear out quickly, let’s first discuss the benefits of glove maintenance. Here are five benefits of taking care of gloves that every casual player and serious athlete should know.

1. Enhances Comfort

Crinkly, stiff gloves aren’t just difficult to put on, they also feel uncomfortable while playing. By properly maintaining golf gloves, they’ll feel better on your hands and you won’t have to wrestle to take them on and off.

2. Improves Performance

Great-fitting gloves prevent you from being distracted by discomfort, freeing up your mind so you can focus on the game. Also, quality golf gloves will improve your grip for a more confident swing.

3. Saves Money

The cost of gloves can add up quickly if you’re buying them often. You could actually save more money by buying quality golf gloves and maintaining them rather than replacing one cheap pair after another. 

4. Protects Hands

Keeping your gloves in good condition not only enhances comfort, but they’ll also protect your hands from friction which can cause bothersome blisters and rashes.

5. Boosts Confidence

Ever heard the saying “When you look good, you feel good”? Appearance can also affect athletic performance by boosting confidence. Even if you’re not a professional, at least you can look like one with smooth, great-fitting gloves.  

Reasons Why Golf Gloves Wear Out

How long golf gloves will last vary depending on the brand and player, however, there are a variety of factors that can lead to faster wear and deformation. See some common reasons why this happens to help extend your glove’s lifespan.

Stuffed into Bag

Stuffing gloves into your sports bag right will cause wrinkles and possibly deform the gloves permanently. While you may be in a hurry to get to your game or hit the showers after practice, it’s worth the extra few seconds to properly pack away gloves. 

Not Aired Out

Sweaty hands are bound to happen when you’re playing sports. That’s why you should make sure to air out sweat-soaked gloves so they dry quicker instead of becoming stiff and crinkly when they eventually do dry.   

Never Washed

Trapped dirt, sweat, and grime will wear on glove fabric over time, especially if the material is cheap. Wash your gloves regularly (according to the wash instructions) to keep them looking and feeling like new.

Used Often

Even properly maintained golf gloves will wear out if they’re used often enough. While we wouldn’t ever suggest playing less, one consideration is having two gloves pairs to rotate use. 

Improper Grip

Sometimes, changing or tweaking your grip can reduce excess wear on golf gloves. If you find that your gloves are wearing out fast even with proper maintenance, see if changing your grip helps.    

Extend Quality with a Glove Accessory

It can be tempting to simply replace golf gloves, but we encourage you to take some simple maintenance steps to extend their quality and comfort. A glove shaper accessory is particularly effective for preserving the shape of your gloves and helping them to dry faster. 

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