What to Look for in a Glove Shaper

What to Look for in a Glove Shaper

A glove shaper is essential for maintaining the quality of a golf glove, however, the shaper’s design makes a difference in how well it holds the glove’s form. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for in a shaper to ensure you purchase the best glove shaper for your favorite glove.

Find out what features make the Glovelast glove shaper a step above the rest and why your glove will feel and look great whenever you wear it.

FAQs About Glove Shapers

Before diving into what features to look for in a glove shaper, it’s helpful to understand the basics. Here are some frequently asked questions about glove shapers if you haven’t used them before. Already know all this info? Feel free to skip to the next section!

What is a glove shaper?

A glove shaper is a popular golf accessory that’s shaped like a hand to hold the form of a glove, preserving the shape and material. In addition to making the glove feel like new for longer, a shaper also cuts down on how often you need to replace gloves, which saves you money.

How does a glove shaper work?

Simply slip the glove shaper into the glove after use — that’s it! The shaper fills out the glove to promote an organic drying process and prevent gloves from getting crusty. When you don’t use a glove shaper, it causes the glove to get stiff and crinkly.

Is a glove shaper only for golf gloves?

A glove shaper works for many types of sports gloves! While the Glovelast glove shaper is popular with golf gloves, it works equally well with baseball, softball, cycling, racquetball, and football receiver gloves.

4 Features to Look for in a Glove Shaper

Like gloves, not all glove shapers offer the same quality. It’s vital to look for a design that makes the glove shaper effective so you don’t end up with a product that doesn’t work or leaves you frustrated. Check out the features that make the Glovelast shaper unique and how they extend glove quality.

Pronated Thumb

For a glove shaper to work well, it must replicate the contour of a human hand. That’s why the Glovelast shaper has a patented pronated thumb design to ensure that all of the glove’s fingers are filled to help it dry.

Raised Rib

Along with the pronated thumb, the raised rib around and inside our glove shaper plays an important role in promoting the organic drying process. It keeps the glove from laying flat against the shaper to dry even faster.

Carabiner Clip

The Glovelast glove shaper includes a carabiner clip to keep it handy on your bag for quick and easy access. The clip is also beneficial for allowing your glove to dry properly rather than the shaper getting placed inside a bag where air circulation is limited.

Left and Right Hand Available

The hand you wear a golf glove is the “opposite” hand of your dominant hand due to hand placement on the golf club. That’s why our shapers are available for both left-hand gloves and right-hand gloves because everyone deserves a comfortable fit!

Slip Into Gloves You Love

Sports gloves often don’t get the care that they deserve. From improper drying to getting stuffed into a bag, the gloves end up losing their shape and becoming crinkly. Preserve your glove’s form and enjoy smooth gloves every time you play with a glove shaper that has smart design features like those from Glovelast.

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