What is a Glove Shaper? (And Why Every Golfer Needs This Accessory)

What is a Glove Shaper? (And Why Every Golfer Needs This Accessory)

What is a Glove Shaper? (And Why Every Golfer Needs This Accessory)

A glove shaper is an accessory that extends a golf glove’s durability, quality, and comfort, making it a superior alternative to constantly buying new gloves. Not only does it keep your golf glove looking and feeling like new for longer, but it can also save you money by allowing you to get more use out of your glove.

Learn more about the Glovelast glove shaper and the benefits it offers to golfers of all levels.   

How Does a Glove Shaper Work?

The glove shaper preserves the shape of a glove and helps it dry faster - all you need to do is slide the glove onto the shaper after use. The Glovelast shaper has a patented pronated thumb design that replicates the contour of a human hand and a raised rib design that fills out the glove to promote drying.

Additionally, our glove shaper has a carabiner clip to keep it handy on your bag. While it’s popular with golf gloves, the shaper works great with baseball, softball, cycling, racquetball, and football receiver gloves as well.

6 Advantages of a Glovelast Glove Shaper

Whether you’re a casual player or serious athlete, a golf glove shaper offers several advantages that’ll help improve your game. Check out the benefits of a Glovelast glove shaper to see why it’s a must-have golf accessory and a great gift idea for the golfer in your life.     

1. Preserve’s the glove’s shape.

Golf gloves are constructed from pliable materials, like leather and nylon, to fit and conform to the hand. When they’re not properly dried, gloves will get crinkly and permanently deform over time. A shaper accessory will preserve the golf glove’s shape, extending the glove’s quality. 

2. Enhances the feel of gloves.

Wrinkly, stiff golf gloves are hard to put on and will feel unpleasant while playing. By using a shaper, your glove will be easier to slip onto your hand since the shape will be preserved for a more comfortable fit.

3. Reduces the need to replace gloves.

Buying new golf gloves over and over again isn’t only costly, but it’s also wasteful, since the old ones will end up in the trash. When you maintain golf gloves with a shaper and purchase fewer gloves long term, it’ll save you some green and be more “green” for the environment.

4. Protects hands by maintaining glove quality.

Golf gloves protect hands from friction so if their quality decreases, the gloves won’t be as effective  preventing blisters and rashes. Preserving the golf glove’s shape and material quality will ensure your hand gets the protection it needs.   

5. Improves golf performance.

Crinkly gloves are uncomfortable which can distract you from the game and lead to poor performance. When your golf gloves are maintained by a glove shaper, the glove quality and comfort will help ensure a better grip on the club.

6. Provides convenience.

The carabiner clip on our glove shaper makes it easy to preserve your golf glove and find it the next time you play. Furthermore, a glove shaper reduces how often you’ll need to buy new gloves which means one less thing you need to remember in your already busy life.

Preserve Quality with a Glove Shaper

Oftentimes, golf gloves get stuffed into bags instead of being treated with the proper care they need. That’s why a golf glove shaper is perfect for preserving the shape of your glove so it looks and feels like new. Constantly replacing golf gloves is unnecessary thanks to this smart yet simple accessory.

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