Promotional Golf Gifts for Corporate Golf Events

Promotional Golf Gifts for Corporate Golf Events

Corporate golf events are a great way to encourage team bonding and promote your company culture. Add a special touch to company golf outings with promotional golf gifts that show your appreciation to attendees while proudly displaying your branding. From practical to fun, check out the gift ideas below to enhance your next golf event.

Promotional Golf Gift Ideas

Create a lasting impression with customized golf products that attendees can start using right away at your corporate golf event, as well as keep for a long time after. When searching for event gifts, look for products that are both stylish and functional. Here are some popular golf gift ideas to make your event a hit!

Golf balls and caddy

A classic golf gift for a reason — golf balls are always needed. Complement the golf balls with a caddy so it’s easier to carry, store, and protect the balls. A neoprene golf ball caddy is a good choice as it’s resistant to moisture and UV rays. Another option is a golf ball holder with a quick-draw release feature for convenience.

Golf glove shaper

A golf glove shaper is a hand-shaped accessory that prevents gloves from getting crusty by promoting an organic air-drying process. It comes with a carabiner clip to attach the shaper to the outside of a bag for quick, easy access. You can also use the shaper with other sports gloves like football, cycling, weightlifting, and more.

Golf club towel

A microfiber golf club towel is perfect for gently cleaning clubs and golf balls in between uses. Microfiber is a soft and absorbent material that’s ideal for trapping grass, dirt, and grime without scratching the surface.

Golf scorecards and holder

Help your attendees keep track of scores during the corporate golf event by providing a scorecard pad and holder. Scorehold holders come in different materials like leather, cork, or twill and typically have a slot to include a pencil.

Golf cooler bag

Provide a place to store and chill drinks with a golf cooler bag. There are lots of bag sizes and designs to fit in golf bags and golf carts. A cooler bag is a versatile gift since it can be used off the golf course for other fun outdoor activities.

UV protection sunglasses

A fashionable and functional golf gift idea is 100% UV-blocking sunglasses to protect the eyes from harsh sunlight. Sunglasses are easy to store in golf bags too which ensures that attendees always have a pair with them in case they forget to bring one.

Athletic sports hat

Even cloudy days can result in sunburns — give a custom branded hat to help your attendees protect themselves from harsh UV rays. Select a stylish design so people are more likely to wear the hat in their everyday life.

Umbrella or poncho

Weather can change quickly at your golf outing, which is why an umbrella or poncho is smart to include in your event gift bag. When the rain starts coming down, attendees will be grateful for the forethought of providing rain gear.

Insulated water bottle

Hydration is crucial when playing golf. Give an insulated water bottle to help keep water cool and remind attendees to drink up. Also, select a bottle size that will fit comfortably in a cup holder, like a 32-oz or 24-oz bottle.

Add a Special Touch to Your Event

It’s the little details that make an event memorable. Take your corporate golf outing to the next level with gifts that’ll whip up excitement while showcasing your brand. Attendees will appreciate your gift and will fondly look back at the event whenever they use the golf accessory.