How to Make Golf Gloves Last Longer to Feel Like New

How to Make Golf Gloves Last Longer to Feel Like New

Great-fitting golf gloves are an essential golf accessory which is why it’s worthwhile to know how to make golf gloves last longer to feel like new (even if you’ve had them for a while). Additionally, the cost of constantly replacing your gloves adds up quickly. Save money and have comfortable gloves? Sounds like a win/win!

Find out how to make your gloves last longer with Glovelast’s tips so you won’t have to deal with crinkly, stiff golf gloves ever again.

But First...Why Do Golf Gloves Wear Out?

There are many factors that can make your gloves wear out and deform faster. Here are typical reasons why golf gloves wear out quickly:

  • Cheap material: A low price isn’t worth it if your gloves fall apart only after several uses and require you to keep replacing one after another.
  • Not properly aired out: Have you ever left a wet towel on the floor and it gets all crinkly when dry? The same thing happens to sweat-trapped golf gloves.
  • Stuffed into golf bags: Gloves that are stuffed into a bag will wrinkle and feel stiff the next time you play golf.
  • Frequently used: All gloves will deteriorate in quality over time depending on how long and often you use them.
  • Not washed enough: Dirt, grime, and sweat will weaken the glove fabric’s fibers, which can lead to a looser fit or deformation.
  • Improper grip: Lastly, the way you grip the club and position your hands can affect how fast your gloves wear out.

Now that you know what causes golf gloves to wear out, you’ll be better able to understand how to make your gloves feel like new.  

6 Tips to Make Golf Gloves Last Longer

While you can’t make golf gloves last forever, there are a variety of things you can do to extend their quality and comfort. Check out Glovelast’s six tips for making golf gloves last longer.

1. Buy Quality Golf Gloves

There are a lot of golf glove brands on the market, but they’re all not created equally. You don’t have to buy the most expensive gloves to get quality. All you need is durable construction and materials to ensure the glove holds up for a while.

2. Air Dry Gloves After Each Use

Golf gloves, especially when it’s hot outside, will get sweaty which is why it’s crucial to air dry them after each use to prevent wrinkles and stiffness. The Glovelast glove shaper is an ideal accessory to air dry the glove faster and preserve its shape.

3. Properly Store Gloves

Instead of stuffing gloves into your golf bag, properly store them away either by laying them flat in a side pocket or by keeping them attached on your bag with the glove shaper’s carabiner clip.

4. Have Two Gloves to Rotate Use

If you play golf often, consider having two more golf gloves so you can rotate them. Like rotating your tires, it’ll spread out the wear of your gloves and extend their quality. 

5. Wash Gloves Regularly

Maintain fabric quality by washing golf gloves regularly (according to the wash instructions) so they feel, look, and smell better. 

6. Adjust Your Grip

Changing your grip on the club can help reduce unnecessary wear on golf gloves. In addition to reducing glove wear, tweaking your grip can improve your game too! 

Improve Comfort and Performance

Golf gloves not only protect your hands when playing, but they can also affect your performance. With these easy tips, you’ll be able to make your golf gloves last longer so they feel and look great every time you play.

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