How to Find Your Golf Glove Size for a Perfect Fit

How to Find Your Golf Glove Size for a Perfect Fit

A simple swap you can make to improve your swing is finding the right golf glove size. When you wear a great-fitting glove, you get a tackier grip on the golf club, which is especially helpful when the shaft is slippery due to moisture. Avoid a slippery grip by wearing the proper glove size to lessen tension in your hands and arms when swinging.

Let’s take a look at how to find a golf glove size that isn’t too big or small for a perfect fit.

3 Golf Glove Fit Considerations

Before we jump into measuring your hand to determine a golf glove size, it’s crucial to know how your glove should feel to ensure the right fit. Here are three fit considerations to look for when you slip on a golf glove.

  1. Should Have a Snug Fit: The glove should have a snug fit like a second skin, so no loose material or wiggle room.
  2. No Extra Material at Finger Tips: Your fingertips should completely fill out the glove, leaving no extra material.
  3. Able to Adjust Closure: The glove’s closure tab should come about ¾ of the way to allow adjustment during play.

Now that you know how your glove should fit, get ready to take out your measuring tape!

Measure Your Lead Hand

Players should wear the golf glove on the opposite hand of their dominant hand. That means if you’re right-handed, you would wear the glove on your left hand, and vice-versa. The top hand on a golf club is called the ‘lead hand’ which is the one you should measure to find your golf glove size.

There are two areas you’ll need to measure to determine your size:

Finger Length

Measure the length of your middle finger from the tip of your finger to the top edge of your palm.

Palm Width

Measure the circumference of your palm (excluding your thumb) by wrapping the tape around the index finger knuckle to the pinky finger knuckle.

Glove Sizing Tips

  • If your measurements fall between two sizes, try the smaller size first.
  • When in doubt, try different sizes to find a snug fit.
  • Some men may find a better fit with a women’s golf glove, so don’t rule it out.
  • Check your glove size at the start of every season since it can change over time.

Golf Glove Care

Enjoy your golf glove’s size and shape for longer by taking care of it. Here are some easy ways to extend your glove’s quality so you can grip the club with confidence.

Breathable Gloves

Golf gloves get sweaty so it’s important to dry them after each use. With the Glovelast glove shaper it helps your glove breath and prevent crinkles and stiffness.

Rotate Use

Have two or more golf gloves to rotate use and spread out the wear of your gloves, extending their quality.

Store Gloves Properly

Stuffing your glove in a bag will ruin the shape over time. Instead, store the glove by laying it flat in a side pocket or keeping it on a glove shaper.

(Check out more golf glove tips to see how to make your gloves last longer and feel like new!)

Love the Fit and Feel of Your Golf Glove

The right glove size is vital for gripping the club, protecting your hands, and providing comfort. You may need to try different sizes and materials to find a glove that works best for you. Not only is it essential to buy a golf glove that fits you perfectly, but also to take care of it with a glove shaper so you love its feel every time you play.