Golf Glove Size Chart for Great-Fitting Gloves

Golf Glove Size Chart for Great-Fitting Gloves

From improving your swing to protecting your hand from friction, a great-fitting golf glove offers several key advantages that can elevate your game. A glove that fits well allows for a tackier grip on the club, which reduces tension in your hands and arms when letting it rip. That’s why it’s vital to measure your hand and follow a golf glove size chart to find the perfect fit.

Check out our golf glove sizing tips below so you can find a glove that feels like it was made just for you!

Which Hand to Wear the Glove

If you’re new to wearing a golf glove, you may not know which hand to wear it on. You should wear the glove on your “lead” hand, which is the opposite hand of your dominant hand. That means right-handed players should wear the glove on their left hand, and left-handed players on their right hand.

Golf Glove Size Chart

In order to figure out your glove size, you’ll need to get a measuring tape, pen, and paper. First, measure your middle finger’s length, from the tip to the bottom of the palm, then measure the circumference of your palm (excluding your thumb).

Write down the two measurements and look at the chart below to find your size for the gloves we carry on our website.

Source: Handup Gloves


How Your Golf Glove Should Fit

Measuring your hand is crucial for finding the proper fit, but it’s also important to rely on your own senses. Here are three fit considerations to keep in mind when determining if a golf glove is right for you.

  1. Fits snug like a second skin
  2. No extra material at the fingertips
  3. The closure tab comes ¾ of the way

Make sure there isn’t any wiggle room in the glove or else your hand will move around when swinging the club, which isn’t good for power and accuracy. Also, an adjustable closure is essential for comfort because hands swell due to heat, exercise, fluid retention, etc.

Ways to Preserve the Fit

A little TLC goes a long way in preserving the fit and shape of your golf glove. Make your glove feel like new for longer by following these simple tips.

Purchase a quality glove

Get off on the right foot (or hand) by purchasing a quality glove that has flexible material and durable construction. Our golf gloves feature soft leather, flex stitching, ventilation holes, and secure velcro closure. Plus, the fun graphics give your glove a unique touch!

Use a glove shaper

Prevent a crusty golf glove by storing it properly. When moisture gets trapped in the glove, it makes the material stiff and crinkly. Instead, slip your glove onto a glove shaper, an accessory that’s shaped like a hand. It fills out your glove and promotes an organic air-drying process that preserves the shape and material quality.

Rotate between uses

Extend the life of your golf glove by having two or more to rotate between uses. This spreads out the wear so you end up replacing gloves less often. Also, multiple gloves allow you to change out the design to match your mood.

Slip into Comfort Every Time

Finding a great-fitting golf glove can be a little tricky but as long as you measure your hand properly, follow a size chart, and keep fit considerations in mind, the shopping process will be much easier. Once you find a glove you love, make sure to take care of it so it’ll last a long time. Give your glove a hand by pairing it with the glove shaper accessory for ultimate comfort.