Golf Gifts for Dad — Get Ready for Father's Day

Golf Gifts for Dad — Get Ready for Father's Day

Show the golf-loving dad in your life how much you care about him with a Father’s Day gift he’ll actually like. There are many types of golf gifts for dad that range from practical to fun. Either way, your present will be a thoughtful reminder for him whenever he hits the course. Check out the gift ideas below to help make his Father’s Day the best one yet!

Father’s Day Golf Gift Ideas

When selecting a golf gift for your dad, it’s important to consider his needs, style, and personality so he’s more likely to enjoy his present. Here are some golf gift ideas to make shopping easier for you.

Quality golf glove

Wearing a golf glove offers several advantages like a better grip on the club and hand protection. The Merica by Handup Golf Glove is a great Father’s Day gift idea because it combines a cool design with quality materials and construction.

Golf glove shaper

A handy golf accessory that your dad may not have is the Glovelast glove shaper. Available in official licensed PGA TOUR designs, our shaper preserves the shape and material quality of golf gloves by promoting air circulation. Simply slip the glove onto the shaper after use to prevent crinkles and stiffness.

UV protection golf apparel

Help your dad protect his skin from sunburns with UV protection golf apparel like sunglasses, hats, and shirts. Pair your gift with a broad-spectrum sports sunscreen that’s non-greasy and sweat resistant so it won’t run into or burn his eyes while playing.

Microfiber golf club towel

Clubs get dirty from grass, dirt, and grime which is why a microfiber golf towel is great to have in a golf bag. Microfiber is a soft absorbent material that’s designed to trap particles without leaving residue behind or damaging the surface.

Golf cart accessories

Help your dad trick out his ride with some golf cart accessories! There are many products that can make his golf cart safer, more comfortable, or fun. For example, light kits improve illumination and come in a variety of colors.

Insulated water bottle

Hydration is crucial when playing golf, especially when the temperature starts climbing. Keep his water cool and refreshing with an insulated bottle he can easily store in his golf bag.

Scorecard holder

A stylish scorecard holder will protect his scorecards and give him a little swag too. Scorecard holders are available in materials like leather, cork, or twill and can even be customized with your dad’s name to make his Father’s Day gift more special.

Golf socks

From high-performance construction to eye-catching designs, there are many types of golf socks you can give your dad. However, always check reviews to make sure the socks are comfortable to protect his feet from blisters.

Golf ball and tees

A classic Father’s Day golf gift is balls and tees. They’re available in plain white or more unique options like a bold color or design. You can also customize the golf balls to make them truly one-of-a-kind, just like your dad.

A round of golf

Does your dad already have enough golf accessories? No problem! Give him a round of golf with a gift certificate from his favorite course or a gift card for a network of golf courses.

Snag a Perfect Golf Gift for Dad

There are lots of Father’s Day golf gifts to make your dad feel special. You can even combine multiple gifts together to make a golf-themed gift bag. Plus, these gift ideas can be used any time of the year — birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or just because!

Browse our golf accessories store today to order your dad a golf gift he’ll appreciate and use for a long time.