Golf Etiquette for Beginners

Golf Etiquette for Beginners

As someone new to the green, you want to ensure that you’re following all the proper procedures. Like any sport, there are certain rules to follow. There are also some general etiquette practices that are good to know. Here at Glovelast, we want to share some of those with you today so that being a novice doesn’t hold you back from enjoying golf.

Arrive Early

Showing up before your tee time allows you time to check-in, limber up, and practice with some range balls. You should give yourself about 20 to 30 minutes before your tee time to arrive. Golf courses are very precise about scheduling their tee times.

Follow Cart Path

Always check with the golf shop to see if you need to stick to the cart path that day. This changes depending on the day’s conditions or the season, so that the carts don’t damage the grass. You should also be mindful of your speed and stick with the 90-degree rule when possible.

Silence During Hitting

Nothing is more distracting during hitting than when someone is talking or making a noise. Silence is the best way to allow that person full focus on their ball and desired path. A bit of newer etiquette for the green is to not talk on your phone and put your notifications on silent or vibrate.

Walk with Consideration

Being cognizant of where you’re walking on the green so you’re not in a player’s line or through-line is important. It’s also good practice to not stand behind someone’s line of sight either while they’re putting. Especially on those sunny days, your shadow can even cause a distraction so be mindful of where you position yourself.

Avoid Slow Play

Paying attention to your pace is not only respectful to your group but to the players around you, too. Have a steady pace of golf to keep the momentum going with your group and not hold up everyone on the course. You can also speed up the round by using a GPS or rangefinder to get accurate distances on golf courses.

Set Group Rules

Establish rules with your group before teeing off. Everyone is different, so making sure you’re all on the same page prior to playing will help things to run more smoothly. Also, it’s good to know where other golfers are on the course and to shout “FORE!” accordingly. It helps to avoid getting hit or hitting anyone else by accident.

Care for Your Equipment

Ensure that you’re cleaning and storing your golf clubs properly. For cleaning, use a microfiber golf towel on the clubheads first, then the shaft and grips. For storage, place your clubs in a climate-controlled area free of humidity and moisture. You should also consider wearing a proper-fitting glove and using the Glovelast shaper accessory to prevent gloves from getting crusty.

Accessories to Enhance Your Game

While this may seem like a lot to remember, soon you’ll be so accustomed to these practices, you’ll no longer be considered a beginner. Selecting the right golf accessories is another key component to enhancing your game. Tee off at your next round with a glove shaper to ensure your golf glove gives you the best comfort and grip.