Golf Christmas Gifts Guide 2020

Golf Christmas Gifts Guide 2020

Golf Christmas gifts are a thoughtful way to show how much you care about the recipient by helping them enjoy their favorite sport even more in the upcoming year. Our golf Christmas gift guide for 2020 should spark ideas for stocking stuffers, gift bags, Secret Santa gifts, and more. See how you can share holiday cheer with these golf gifts!

7 Golf Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020

There are a variety of items you can give for the holidays, from practical to fun, golf accessories can be the perfect way to spread Christmas cheer to a special golfer in your life. Whichever golf gift you select, it’s important to consider the recipient’s needs, style, and personality so they’re more likely to love the gift. Here are some golf Christmas present ideas to inspire you! 

1. Official licensed PGA TOUR glove shaper

Our official licensed PGA TOUR glove shapers are a unique yet practical golf accessory that offers benefits like preserving the glove’s shape and helping it dry faster. All you do is slip the glove onto the shaper after use to prevent a wrinkly, stiff glove.

2. Golf ball and tees

A classic golf gift is balls and tees because they’re something that every golfer needs. But if you want something more special than plain white golf balls, consider selecting a bold color or design, or taking it a step further by personalizing them with the recipient’s name, photo, logo, etc. 

3. Leather golf glove

Wearing a golf glove is important for several reasons like a better grip on the club and hand protection. Give a leather blend golf glove that not only has quality construction and materials for long-lasting durability, but it also has a little personality with a colorful design or fun message.

4. Protective sun clothing

Since golf is an outdoor sport, it’s crucial that players wear protective sun clothing to prevent sunburns and skin damage. There are many styles and brands of UV protection shirts, sunglasses, hats, and more that make a functional yet fashionable Christmas gift. 

5. Microfiber towel for golf club cleaning

A microfiber towel is perfect for gently cleaning clubs. The absorbent microfiber material is effective for trapping dirt, grime, and other particles. Additionally, it won’t leave residue behind or damage the surface. Our microfiber golf towels even come with a handy carabiner clip so players can attach them to their golf bag for quick and easy access.

6. A round of golf

A thoughtful Christmas present is to give a round of golf with a certificate from a golf course or a gift card that can be used at a network of golf courses. Not only will they get to enjoy playing their favorite sport, but they’ll also have the opportunity to use any other golf gifts they received for Christmas!

7. Insulated water bottle

Staying hydrated is essential when you’re playing golf which is why a quality insulated water bottle can be a useful Christmas gift for golfers. According to’s article on how much water you should drink on golf courses, if you weigh around 180 lbs and will be “playing in moderate temperatures, you should be drinking about four standard 32 fl oz bottles of water per day - and probably more considering all the walking you’ll be doing.”

Order a Golf Christmas Gift Today 

Whatever your budget, there are lots of different presents you can give. These gift ideas can be given individually or even packaged together as a golf-themed gift bag. Regardless of which product you select, just make sure not to wait until the last minute to order gifts to ensure they arrive before Christmas! Check out Glovelast golf accessories to order a Christmas gift today.