Golf Cart Accessories Every Golfer Needs

Golf Cart Accessories Every Golfer Needs

There are a variety of golf cart accessories to make your ride more comfortable and enhance your playing experience. Some accessories, however, are more of a want than need which is why Glovelast has compiled a list of recommendations of the most useful golf cart accessories to make shopping easier for you.

See which accessories will make your golf cart safer or more fun to drive, whether you’re playing on a course or cruising around your community. 

10 Golf Cart Accessories You Should Consider

As golf continues to increase in popularity, new golf cart accessories are always coming out so shopping can quickly become overwhelming because of the growing number of choices. Here are 10 accessories that will help you narrow down what to look for when improving your golf cart and playing experience.

1. Golf cart light kits

Driving your golf cart when it’s dark without lights is dangerous. One of the most important safety accessories you can get is golf cart light kits so you can see better when driving and others can see you too. 

2. Side mirrors

Another crucial safety accessory is golf cart side mirrors which are often easy to install. We recommend applying an anti-fog film or spray to prevent the mirrors from fogging up.

3. Windscreen

Stop bugs, grass, and dirt from flying into your face with a golf cart windscreen. Some windscreens can be installed and removed whenever you want while others require being attached to the actual frame.

4. Golf cart cover

Leaving your golf cart to the elements will cause damage over time, making it age faster. Protect your golf cart from weather, animals, dirt, and UV exposure with a cover.

5. Golf glove shaper

Keep your golf glove in great shape for longer with a glove shaper. Just slip the glove onto the shaper after use so it can dry faster and prevent a stiff, crinkly glove. It can easily be stored in your golf cart for quick access.

6. Rear golf cart seats

One way to increase seating in your golf cart is by putting in another row of seats in the back. However, make sure the rear golf cart seats are properly secure so no one falls and gets hurt.

7. Seat covers

Protect your golf cart seats from the elements and express your personal style with seat covers. There are numerous colors, styles, materials, and custom options to choose from.

8. Steering wheel

Upgrade your golf cart steering wheel to one that feels great to handle and looks nicer than the factory steering wheel. If you drive around your golf cart a lot, a quality steering wheel will enhance the driving experience.  

9. Microfiber golf towel

Keep a microfiber towel in your golf cart’s glove box so you always have something on hand to clean golf clubs, thereby maintaining their quality. Microfiber material is absorbent yet won’t leave behind residue or damage the club.

10. Cooler

Stay hydrated while playing golf with a cooler full of ice cold drinks. There are a variety of options like a regular cooler you carry, or golf coolers you can attach to your golf bag or mount onto your golf cart.  

Select Quality Golf Accessories

Whichever golf cart accessories you get, it’s essential that you select quality items that can withstand the elements. You don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive option, we simply recommend researching options that best fit your budget and needs. Not only does having golf cart accessories enhance your overall experience, but also having the right playing accessories can help improve your golf game.

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