Custom Golf Accessories to Give Employees and Clients

Custom Golf Accessories to Give Employees and Clients

Make any occasion more special with custom golf accessories that employees and clients will want to keep. Golf gifts are particularly great if you’re organizing a company golf outing or taking clients out for a round of golf. But which custom golf products should you give? Check out the accessories that made our list to make your corporate gifting easier!

8 Gift Ideas Using Custom Golf Accessories

Even a small gesture goes a long way in showing how much you care about your employees and clients. Here are some of the top benefits of custom corporate gifts:

  • Shows your appreciation
  • Strengthens relationships
  • Boosts company culture
  • Increases brand exposure
  • Creates memories

When selecting a gift, it’s vital that the item provides value — otherwise employees and clients won’t keep it. Below are eight golf accessories that are useful and look nice. They can be given individually or bundled together as a thoughtful gift basket.

1. Golf glove shaper

The golf glove shaper is a hand-shaped accessory that you insert into the glove to promote an organic air-drying process, preserving the shape and material quality. It prevents crusty gloves so they feel like new for longer.

2. Golf balls and tees

A classic golf gift for a reason! Every golfer needs golf balls and tees as they tend to get lost in shrubs, tall grass, and ponds over time. Plus, golf balls can be a cost-effective gift option.

3. Golf ball caddy

Pair custom golf balls with a neoprene ball caddy to carry, store, and protect balls. Neoprene is a light, durable, and flexible material that’s resistant to moisture and UV rays, perfect for withstanding outdoor conditions.

4. Insulated bottle

A highly versatile golf accessory is an insulated water bottle. Staying hydrated is crucial when playing golf, which is why a custom insulated bottle is ideal for hot days on the green. Plus, the insulation feature will keep drinks crisp and refreshing.

5. Golf towel

The best way to gently clean golf clubs, balls, and other equipment is with a microfiber golf towel. The microfiber material traps dirt, grime, and moisture without damaging the surface. Glovelast’s towels also come with a carabiner clip to attach to golf bags for quick access.

6. Sunglasses

Another custom golf accessory that can be used both on and off the golf course is sunglasses. Protect eyes from sunlight with 100% UV protection sunglasses while playing. With the wide variety of options available, you’re able to personalize sunglasses that match your brand.

7. Cooler bag

Keep drinks and snacks cold with a custom cooler bag for a more enjoyable day on the course. There are different types of cooler bags that are designed to fit in golf bags and golf carts; many also include reusable ice packs to stay chill.

8. Golf shirt

Have your logo proudly displayed on custom golf shirts that are comfortable and stylish. When selecting a style, make sure the shirt is made with a fabric that’s lightweight, moisture-wicking, and stretchy. This allows for a pleasant fit and maximum range of mobility when swinging.

Be Memorable with Custom Golf Gifts

Whether you give one or all of these golf accessories at your next special occasion, you’re sure to make a lasting positive impression. Remember to look for custom golf gifts that are functional and attractive so your employees and clients will use them for a long time.

The holidays will be here before you know it, which is why you should order your corporate gifts before the rush. Get a quote today for custom golf promotional products to make your brand and events more memorable!