8 Best Golf Accessories for Beginners

8 Best Golf Accessories for Beginners

Starting a new sport is exciting, which is why it’s easy for beginners to get carried away with buying a bunch of golf accessories. We’ve compiled the best golf accessories for beginners to help you distinguish what’s a must-have vs nice-to-have. Over time, you may get more accessories to level up your game but it’s best to gradually add to your collection rather than purchasing more than a beginner needs. Let’s get started!

Must-Have Accessories for Golf Newbies

Everybody knows about basic golf accessories like golf clubs, balls, and tees so we won’t bore you with those. Below you’ll find a mix of products you might already have and others you probably never heard of. Get into the swing with these eight best golf accessories for beginners!

1. Golf Shoes

Sure, you can wear regular sneakers but we recommend buying a good pair of golf shoes because they provide better traction and balance on grass and sand. Plus, golf shoes can improve your swing by boosting distance and consistency.

2. Golf Glove

Speaking of swinging, you should wear a golf glove to protect your hand against friction and get a better grip on the club. Look for a golf glove with quality material and construction. Popular materials include leather, synthetic, and a leather/synthetic hybrid. Find your golf glove size before buying to ensure the perfect fit.

3. Glove Shaper

Preserve the shape and quality of your golf glove with a glove shaper. Just insert the hand-shaped accessory into the glove to promote an organic air-drying process. Not only will your glove maintain its shape, but it will also prevent the golf glove from getting crusty. In addition, you’ll save money since you’re replacing gloves less often.

4. Golf Club Towel

Gently clean your club heads and wipe away moisture on the handle with a microfiber golf club towel. Microfiber is a soft, absorbent, and durable material that’s great for trapping particles. Cotton towels are less absorbent and break down more quickly so they won’t get your clubs as clean.

5. Sun Protection

Wear a hat and UV-blocking sunglasses, especially when the sun is strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. For extra protection, get moisture-wicking sun protective clothing that’s designed to block UV rays and keep you cool. Also, don’t forget to apply broad-spectrum sports sunscreen that won’t wear off when you sweat or sting your eyes.

6. Rain Gear

One moment it’s sunny and the next moment rain clouds are forming. Be ready for quick-changing weather by keeping a rain jacket or umbrella in your golf bag. The nice thing about an umbrella is that it can also be used for shade when the sun is intense.

7. Insulated Reusable Bottle

Stay hydrated by storing your water or sports drink in an insulated reusable bottle. Your beverage will stay cooler for longer than in a plastic bottle. Insulated bottles come in a variety of sizes, but if you want one that will fit a golf cart’s cup holder, then a 32-oz bottle is a good option.

8. Scorecards

Track points with paper scorecards or a phone app. With paper scorecards, get a scorecard holder with a pencil slot. It’ll make it easier to write down scores and you won’t have to search around for a pencil. For tech-savvy players, a golf scorecard app offers cool features like instantly calculated scores and in-depth stats.

Improve Your Game with the Right Gear

You don’t need every accessory to get better at golf, but the right gear can make a big difference in enhancing the experience. Whether you’re new to golf or getting back into the game, it’s important to select quality products over quantity. The best golf accessories are those that will improve your skills, make playing more enjoyable, or both!