7 Benefits of a Glove Shaper for Golf Gloves

7 Benefits of a Glove Shaper for Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are often worn by players to get a tackier grip on the club and protect hands from friction, but one golf bag accessory that is gaining popularity is a glove shaper. Using a glove shaper for golf gloves offers a variety of benefits like retaining glove quality and saving money on buying new gloves all the time. See why golf glove shapers are a must-have accessory for players of all skill levels!

How a Glove Shaper Works

The Glovelast golf shaper has a simple yet brilliant design with a patented pronated thumb to replicate the contour of a human hand and a raised rib to fill out the glove to improve air drying. The shaper comes with a carabiner clip to easily attach it to your bag for quick access. While the accessory is ideal for golf gloves, it also works with other sports gloves like football, baseball, cycling, racquetball, and more.

Unique Benefits of a Golf Glove Shaper

A golf glove shaper provides unique benefits that will help with your game - and your wallet. Here are the top seven advantages that a glove shaper offers, making it a great gift idea for golfers.      

1. Prevents stiffness and crinkles in golf gloves.

Stuffing a golf glove into a bag after a sweaty day of playing doesn’t allow it to dry properly which causes the glove to become stiff and crinkly. A glove shaper promotes quick air drying for a smoother golf glove that you can easily put on and remove.

2. Preserves the golf glove’s shape for a perfect fit.

Golf gloves are made with pliable materials to fit and conform to the hand. When you don’t take care of them, the material will eventually deform. Thanks to the shaper’s design, the golf glove retains its shape so you get a perfect fit for longer.

3. Makes the golf glove feel more comfortable. 

A stiff, crinkly golf glove is a pain to put on and take off. Plus, it doesn’t feel nice when you’re playing which is an unneeded (and preventable) distraction. Preserving the glove’s shape and material ensures that you have a comfortable golf glove.  

4. Improves your grip on the golf club for a better swing.

In addition to comfort, a smooth golf glove can also improve your swing. Maintaining your glove’s quality with a shaper allows you to have a better grip on the club which means less tension in your hands and arms.

5. Protects hands from friction.

When a golf glove wears out, it won’t be as effective for protecting hands from friction which can lead to painful blisters and rashes. Retain your golf glove’s shape and material quality so your hand is protected when you swing away with everything you got.

6. Reduces the need to replace golf gloves as often.

With a shaper, your golf glove will look and feel like new for much longer, saving you money in the long run. Not only is this good for your wallet, but also for the environment since you’re throwing out gloves less often.

7. It’s easy to use and take with you. 

Last but not least, the Glovelast glove shaper is incredibly easy to use and take with you. Just slip your glove on it and clip the shaper to your bag to always have it with you when heading out to the course.

Keep Your Golf Gloves in Great Shape

A glove shaper for golf gloves is smart on multiple levels. From preserving the glove’s shape and retaining material quality to improving your swing and saving money, there are a lot of reasons why players love this golf accessory. Check out the Official Licensed PGA TOUR Collection to get a golf glove shaper like the pros!