5 Tips to Prevent Golf Gloves from Getting Crusty

5 Tips to Prevent Golf Gloves from Getting Crusty

No player enjoys a crusty golf glove...it’s hard to put on, feels uncomfortable, and just doesn’t look nice. Although you can’t undo glove deterioration, fortunately, it’s easy to prevent golf gloves from getting crusty. Instead of replacing glove after glove wasting money, follow our simple tips to extend your glove’s quality so it feels like new for longer.

Learn more about proper glove care below so you’ll be able to grip your club with confidence every time!

What Causes Crusty Golf Gloves?

There are various factors that cause golf gloves to get crusty. Understanding why gloves wrinkle and deform is half the battle for maintaining their quality.


Moisture-trapped golf gloves are the primary reason for crustiness. It’s similar to leaving a wet towel on the floor and then picking it up much later to find that it’s crinkly and smells moldy. When moisture gets trapped in your glove, it won’t dry properly.


Dirt, grim, and sweat weaken the material fibers in golf gloves. When this happens, you’ll notice that the glove feels looser. Your golf glove should fit snugly so your hand doesn’t wiggle around while swinging.

Improper Storing

Lastly, improper storing can cause gloves to crinkle. Even if the glove is dry, you’re not doing it any favors by stuffing it into a bag. The material will deform when the glove is repeatedly bunched up.

Next, let’s take a look at ways to prevent your golf glove from getting crusty so you’ll enjoy a great feel and look for longer.

Ways to Keep Your Golf Gloves Feeling New

Golf gloves won’t last forever, but there are steps you can take to help your glove feel like new long after you’ve purchased it. Get more uses out of your golf glove and save money by following these five glove care tips.

1. Skip Cheap Gloves

It’s tempting to buy the cheapest golf glove, but we recommend against it. You don’t need the most expensive glove to get quality — look for a trusted golf glove brand that offers durable construction and materials so you can rest assured that your glove won’t fall apart after just several uses.

2. Use a Golf Glove Shaper

Prevent wrinkles and stiffness by using an accessory known as a golf glove shaper. It’s ideal for circulating air so the glove dries faster, preserving the shape and materials. Glovelast even has an official licensed PGA TOUR collection — get a glove shaper like the pros!

3. Don’t Stuff Gloves Away

Stuffing a golf glove into a bag or pocket isn’t the best way to store it. Instead, lay your glove flat in your bag’s side pocket or keep it on your glove shaper. Our shaper comes with a handy carabiner clip to attach it to the side of your bag.

4. Wash Dirty Golf Gloves

Preserve the material fibers by cleaning your dirty golf glove according to its washing instructions. Like your golf apparel, it’s important to regularly wash your gloves to prevent crustiness and foul odor.

5. Rotate Gloves Between Use

For those who play often, we recommend having at least two golf gloves to rotate between use. Doing this will spread out the wear of your gloves and make them feel like new for longer.

Enjoy Great-Fitting Golf Gloves

It’s not hard to prevent golf gloves from getting crusty, but it does require a little diligence. With our simple glove care tips, you’ll love the look and feel of your golf glove every time you play — and the money you save too! Get ready to hit the course with must-have golf accessories like golf gloves, glove shapers, towels, and more.