5 Promotional Golf Products to Consider for Your Event

5 Promotional Golf Products to Consider for Your Event

Coming up with gift ideas that’ll be a hit at your event is tricky, which is why some well-chosen promotional golf products for an event can make your job easier. Golf is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, making it one of the most popular sports in the world. Additionally, there are many golf accessories that make great event gifts — some products can even be used for other activities so they’re multi-functional too!

See the benefits of promotional golf products for events and five gift ideas we think your attendees will appreciate.

Why You Should Give Promotional Golf Products

According to the National Golf Foundation, an estimated 101 million people (ages six and up) in the United States have played golf, watched the sport, or read about it in 2020. That’s one out of every three Americans! With this growing market, there’s no shortage of golf products to consider for your event goodie bags. Here are several benefits of promotional golf products:

  • Increase brand memorability: There are customization options for golf products to add your own logo, making your brand more memorable.
  • Encourage play and relaxation: A cool golf accessory can inspire recipients to get out on the course and have fun.
  • More likely to be used: Even if a recipient doesn’t play, they’re bound to have a spouse, family member, or friend who enjoys golf.

  • Skip the usual promotional items like mugs and pens (everybody has plenty of those) — give attendees a golf accessory that’ll make a lasting impression.

    5 Promo Golf Products Your Attendees Will Enjoy

    Selecting the perfect golf gift for your event will depend on different factors like your budget and timeline. For example, customizing a product will often cost more and require additional time since there are extra steps involved. Here are five promotional golf products to make planning your event gifts easier!

    1. Handup ‘Merica Golf Gloves

    This golf glove not only protects the hand and provides comfort when swinging, but it also has an American flag pattern that makes it a fun event gift. The Handup ‘Merica Golf Glove is made with quality material and construction for a durable yet flexible fit.

    2. Glovelast Glovelast Shaper

    The Glovelast glove shaper is an accessory that preserves the shape of a golf glove and helps it dry faster. Simply slip the glove onto the shaper after use for a smooth, comfortable glove. Our glove shaper also works with other types of sports gloves like football, baseball, softball, and more. They’re also customizable and can be printed with your company’s logo for a memorable keepsake.

    3. Soft Microfiber Golf Towel

    A microfiber golf towel is great for gently wiping away dirt and grass from clubs as well as other sports equipment. The microfiber material traps particles without damaging the surface. Our towels come with a carabiner clip to easily attach to a bag for easy access.

    4. Golf Balls

    Golf balls often get lost in shrubs, ponds, tall grass, etc., so they’re always appreciated by golfers. You can get custom golf balls for a special branded touch or go with a bold design to make your golf gift stand out.

    5. Scorecard Holder

    Help your recipients protect their scorecards and stay organized with a scorecard holder. Available in a variety of materials like leather, cork, or twill, scorecard holders can be customized to make them more special.

    Promotional Golf Products for a Memorable Event

    There’s a lot to think about when planning an event. Give attendees a memorable gift by selecting a golf product that they (or the golfer in their life) would actually like to use. Need golf gift inspiration? Browse Glovelast today for all sorts of golf accessories!