3 Reasons Why Golf Gloves Are Important

3 Reasons Why Golf Gloves Are Important

Golf gloves are an important accessory even though they’re relatively new to the sport. While you may be wondering if gloves are important or even necessary for playing golf, there are several reasons why you should wear them. After all, golf gloves are a common sight on PGA tour players and they’re not wearing it just for style.

Learn more about golf gloves and the three reasons why they’re important so you can better understand this must-have golf accessory.

Brief History of Golf Gloves

According to Golfweek, the history of the golf gloves go back to 1885 when The Rawlings company patented the first golf glove design. Four years later, ads for the “New Simplex Glove” appeared in "Golf Illustrated" magazine. Then in a 1915 issue of "Vanity Fair" magazine, it featured fashionable gloves with pleats on the back to provide more room for knuckles.

Fast forward to today, golf gloves are available in a variety of styles and brands to suit different preferences. There are golf gloves with tee pockets, weighted training golf gloves designed to strengthen fingers, wrists, and forearms, and even “smart” gloves that will speak swing instructions.

Types of Golf Glove

While there are many golf gloves on the market, there are three main types. Each type has pros and cons so it’s important to select a golf glove that best fits your needs, providing the right balance of comfort, durability, and cost.

Leather Gloves

Leather is the most supple of the three material types which gloves the best feel. While leather is the most popular material, they tend to wear out more quickly and stretch out, therefore requiring more replacements, depending on use.

Synthetic Gloves

Synthetic materials offer better flexibility and durability than leather, often at a lower cost. Typically, the synthetic material is synthetic leather which looks like genuine leather. A drawback of this material though is that they usually don't breathe as well as leather gloves.

Hybrid Gloves

Hybrid gloves are a combination of leather and synthetic materials so you get the best of both worlds. For example, leather in the palm and on the fingers gives a better grip and feel, whereas synthetic in the joints and wear points offer more flexibility and durability.

3 Benefits of Wearing Golf Gloves

Golf gloves aren’t mandatory for playing, unlike the maximum number of clubs you’re allowed to bring. However, wearing a golf glove is important for three reasons, regardless if you’re a casual player or a serious athlete. 

1. Better Grip

Wearing a golf glove provides you with a more secure grip on the shaft of the golf club. When the grip is slippery, there tends to be more tension in the hands and arms, which isn’t good for swinging.

2. Protects Hands

In addition to giving you a tackier grip, golf gloves will protect your hands from friction which can cause blisters and rashes. Even if you’re not concerned about having smooth hands, reducing friction can help your game in another way.

3. Greater Focus

When you have a better grip and a comfortable feel, you’ll be able to have a greater focus on the game rather than being distracted by a slippery grip or annoying blisters.  

Maintain Your Golf Glove’s Quality

Now that you understand the importance of golf gloves, it’s also helpful to know how to make gloves last longer with some basic care tips. Oftentimes, gloves get stuffed into bags or they don’t get properly aired out which leads to stiff, crinkly gloves that are hard to put on. That’s why the Glovelast golf glove shaper is one of the best things you can do to preserve the shape of your glove so it looks and feels like new.