Golf Bag Accessories You Should Have

Golf Bag Accessories You Should Have

The right golf bag accessories not only can enhance your golf outting but also help level up your skills. While there’s a wide variety of golf gear, there are certain essential golf accessories most players should own whether they’ve been playing for years or they’re new to golf. Swing into our list of recommended golf bag accessories to be better prepared for your next tee time. 

Useful Accessories to Keep in Your Golf Bag

Given the numerous golf bag accessories you can buy online and in stores, it’s all too easy to feel like they’re all necessary to buy. Before you go on a shopping spree, check out Glovelast’s recommendations so you’re less likely to buy products that you don’t really need.

1. Golf Balls and Tees

Without these, you pretty much can’t play golf. Since golf balls get lost over time, you might want to go with less expensive golf balls over pricier options. However, premium golf balls are ideal for golfers with higher swing speeds since they offer great distance and control.

2. Golf Shoes and Socks

Golf shoes provide more balance when you’re walking on grass and sand as well as better traction than regular sneakers. Keeping your golf shoes and socks together with your bag ensures you won’t forget to wear them for your game or lesson, allowing you to boost the distance and consistency of your swing.

3. Quality Golf Glove

A golf glove protects your hand and provides comfort when swinging. Select a golf glove made with quality material and construction for increased durability and a flexible fit. Express your style with eye-catching HandUp Gloves or show off your team pride with NCAA Gloves.

4. Golf Glove Shaper

Use a PGA TOUR golf glove shaper to prevent your glove from becoming gross and crusty from trapped moisture. Simply insert the hand-shaped accessory into the golf glove to promote an organic air drying process, preserving the shape and material quality. 

Not only does it keep your golf glove feeling and looking new for longer but it also saves you money from frequently replacing your glove. Plus, pair your officially licensed NCAA golf glove with a matching NCAA glove shaper to complete the look!

5. Hat and Sunglasses

It’s crucial to protect your face and eyes from the sun by wearing a hat and sunglasses, particularly when UV rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Choose sunglasses that not only fit well, but they also provide UV protection. 

6. Sunscreen and Bug spray

Prevent painful sunburns and bug bites by keeping sunscreen and bug spray in your golf bag. Make sure the sunscreen is labeled broad-spectrum and has at least SPF 50 for adequate protection.

7. Rain Jacket or Umbrella

Weather can quickly change when you’re playing golf which is why you should keep a rain jacket or umbrella in your golf bag so you can continue playing, rain or shine.

8. Golf Club Cleaning Towel

Gently clean your golf clubs with a microfiber golf towel to wipe away dirt and grass. Microfiber material is great at trapping particles without risking damage to the club.

9. Scorecards and Holder

Forgetting scorecards can be annoying. Instead, stock up on scorecards and keep several in your golf bag. Furthermore, stay organized with a scorecard holder.

10. Golf Ball Marker

Keep a golf ball marker in your bag so you have something to put behind your ball on putting greens to not lose your spot. The marker can be just a coin you keep in your bag or a store-bought golf ball marker with an interesting design.

11. Range Finder

Range finders help you figure out the distance you need to hit your shot so you can adjust your swing accordingly. A good range finder can take some of the guesswork out of your game and improve accuracy.

12. Insulated Water Bottle

Hydration is critical while playing golf, especially on hot sweaty days. Many golf bags now offer a special pocket specifically designed to hold your water bottle while others offer a carabiner clip to attach and carry your bottle. Opt for an insulated water bottle to keep your drink cool and refreshing. 

13. Golf Bag Rain Cover

A golf bag rain cover is great if you’re riding in a cart or just don’t want to carry an umbrella. Just slip it over your golf bag while you ride around the course, keeping your clubs dry. The golf bag accessory is lightweight and folds up easily into a compact size. It fits most standard golf bags and even some larger ones like those used by professional golfers.

14. Divot Tool

A divot tool is used to repair pitch marks (also called ball marks) in the putting green. Typically made of plastic or metal with two prongs on the end, the tool allows you to restore a smooth surface and help heal the grass.

15. Putter Holder

The putter holder or puter clip is a golf bag attachment designed for players that enjoy golfing in a cart. It attaches to your bag so you don't have to carry your putter around while walking. When you need a quick shot, simply lift up the handle and grab your putter. This product helps you keep your equipment organized and easy to access.

Level Up Your Golf Bag Accessories

With so many golf bag accessories available, it can be overwhelming to figure out what you should have. This list is a good starting point, but you don’t need to rush out to get everything at once. After all, it's better to have fewer quality golf bag accessories than a lot of cheap products that will fall apart after a couple of uses or you end up never using. Plus, a lighter bag will be easier on your shoulders and back. 

Shop for golf accessories that offer a balance of quality and value so you can save money for more important things — like playing more golf!